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Saturday, 31 May 2014

tourist trophy

michael dunlop set out his intentions in todays opening superbike six-lapper, 20.5 seconds in front of second placed guy martin and manxman conor cummings taking a hard earned third place, incredibly bruce anstey became the fastest man around the tt course with an unbelievable 132mph lap, the day though belonged to michael, a fantastic performance to give bmw there first big race win at the tt since georg meier in the 1939 senior race.


  1. Bruce Ansty was on the ragged edge!!

  2. Michael Dunlop is the real deal isn't he.
    The intro that Sky Sports did for the TT last year with McGuinness and Dunlop and Freebird was shear genius. Brought a tear to this hick's eye it did.

  3. jan, the way ansty was riding beggared belief!, hi chris, good to hear from you, hows the duc project coming on, have you finished it yet? indeed, michael dunlop is a very special rider for sure, i suppose when you have uncle joey and your dad is robert dunlop it runs in the genes to some extent!

  4. The Duc runs but I have yet to get a hugger, half fairing, and suspension setup. I've been super busy with work and starting a small business on the side. I need to pay off the credit card accounts that I used for the duc and then perhaps do some suspension upgrades as well (lol). It never ends....