another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 30 May 2014

these things will keep me loving you dear.

bank holiday monday, shall we head down to londinium for the bikeshed event, enjoy a barista coffee? perhaps a cocktail in the distinguished gentlemans lounge? view the latest 'custom' bikes in the beautiful tobacco dock location? we could always get a haircut from the on-site barber or perhaps even a tattoo? check out the cool, trendy geezers and geezerlets who have invented a new scene called 'motorcycles', swap business cards and mingle with the scene-setters, go-getters and men of letters, sneer at that 'not right selvedge' eat some 'street food' perhaps check out the clothes for sale, buy a belt-buckle or t-shirt for sixty quid?  nah, fuck that, hit the north, off to oulton park for the b.r.m.c race meeting and catch up with the mz racers and the lads racing in the lansdowne classic series, i've said it many times before on this blog, there's just something so perverse about racing a pre-fall-of-the-berlin-wall-ride-to-work commuter bike that i so admire, we caught up with andy smith who bought the loveless racer, [and who retained the original #51 as his race number, bless you andy x], andy sums up the mz racers, he was just swapping over engine number three, having blown his own two recently re-built motors, for a mates spare engine, two-strokes are a bitch thats for certain, likewise the lansdowne racers, why bother struggling to race an obsolete big 500cc single when you could just go and buy a 600cc yam/kwak/suzuki instead? let me tell you why, these people are real, their doing it for the love of it, not for the chance of raising their profile or getting 'linked-in' stick your profile up your arse, i'll take the real people thank you................


  1. What, you mean you're not into selvedge denim, hipster street food and creating your own bespoke merchandise line . . . fuck that, I'm outta here me old mucker . . . love ya Bailey, ad nauseum. XXX