another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 5 April 2014

tomorrow comes today [banana baby]

 so, i'm sitting in the shed, it's mid-week, nothing ever happens on a wednesday, [except, we always have a cob from gregg's on a wednesday, that's why we call wednesday's 'gregg's wednesdays at work incidentally, i always have a tuna crunch, i'm vegetarian you see, ok, beat me up, i'm actually a pescatarian because i eat fish and eggs but no meat, i tried a vegan diet, but fuck me, i'm an active bloke, i need some protein in my diet, i ended up tired and skinnier than a junkyard dog and feeling iller than the beastie boys], anyhoo,  i'm idly flicking through the ducati's for sale on e-bay, i'm stopped in my track's by this one, a banana yellow, carby model, total rebuild, even down to brand new ducati fasteners, re-sprayed and everything replaced better than they came out the showroom, so, to cut a long story short, me and dangerous don our stripy jumpers, masks and bags with 'swag' written on them and head over to the west midlands prepared to be dissapointed, fuck me, as soon as i see the bike i know it's coming home with us, if dangerous ain't buying it, i am, dangerous win's, he's having it, i lose out, shit happens............


  1. Shoots and scores, well done Dangerman . . . hope he remembered the belts underneath those covers, te he he . . . always like the yellow too. Lucky bleeder, lucky bleeder.

  2. Could I respectfully ask you two to stop buying motorcycles on a whim, it's getting very depressing, (keep it up!)

  3. Always been a sucker for yellow bikes. Almost traded the 'Zuke an '09 F800 GS. Thankfully the next year's model wasn't yellow and black. Dangerous is a good bloke indeed, saved you a bunch of cash.
    Best of luck to your buddy with the heart thing, always a wake-up call for the rest of us.