another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 4 April 2014

take off your cool

waiting for parcels, two very cool parcels, one turned up at work today and took me by complete suprise, i'd forgotten i'd ordered the oberon mini-bar end mirror, not the two parcels i'd ordered after all, still, a nice suprise nevertheless, oberon stuff is top-notch quality that works, get on their website and have a look, lovely, lovely stuff, oh yeah, made up a replacement for the bracket that sit's in front of the engine between the downtubes, an ugly, horrible piece of shit, the original item is slotted because theres no-way it's going to bolt straight up, the tolerances are that far out, it's that rough, another night wasted on a bit that no-one will even notice, oh well, still waiting for two parcels of treasure........


  1. You don't half make some smart parts

  2. Replies
    1. Too good Jan . . . the bracket is sexmetalmajik Lovey, none of the time is wasted mate, those who know the difference will always get it.

  3. same as you steve, the eccentric lockstops are well smart! a brilliantly simple idea well executed, respect due, spot on jan, well spotted, i-pod on shuffle, dogster, as usual mate, i am not worthy, i'm fucking about in the shed, not got the history of your goodself, love you you big red headed fucker x.