another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 26 April 2014

long agos and worlds apart......

where i'm from. no excuses, no apologies, we played watford today and smashed them 4-2 to cement our place in the play-off's, leed's away next saturday, got ticket's, last game of the normal season, i love away games me, hope this goes some way to explain why, in todays sterile, family friendly enviroment, a lot of the passion and feeling of belonging to something has gone,  if you weren't there then you wouldn't understand, even watching this i wonder how we got away with it, total anarchy, outfoxing the police, invading towns and causing mayhem, living for the weekend, northern soul all-nighters, football and recreational drugs........'eeh by gum, i can remember when all this was fields round here......'


  1. I think I have always had more potential 'empathy' and comprehension than most who live outside GB and weren't there, however, it really doesn't go anywhere near, jeez, it musta been special Timmy, you crazy fuckers !!!

  2. Sounds similar to what has happened to the Indy 500. I started going in the seventies when the notorious infield "snakepit" was filled with burning couches, burning cars, all the various Midwest MC clubs, sadly, some gang rapes, (why anyone brought a wife or girlfriend is beyond me) gunfire and knife fights in the mud amongst the broken bottles and hypo needles. It has all been replaced by family friendly grassy knolls kiddie parks and a f@#kin' golf course.
    Ah, the good old days.

  3. "your going home in a fucking ambulance" no no no your actually going to the hospital in a fucking ambulance......around about now tim i would be sayin' the only way that you will get to wembley is buying bruce springsteen tickets ...turns out im wrong ..gutted