another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 2 March 2014

yesterday went too soon

made loads of progress yesterday, treasure turned up in the way of a high-performance air filter, did some research, this thing flow's more air than the industry standard k+n, half the price too, and you can just chuck it in the washing machine with your weekly wash and it comes out ready to go again, bargain, scored a pair of fork-gaitor's too, same source, 'genuine' made in taiwan triumph items in a plastic bag, marked up with 'official triumph' or the same item, in a clear, plastic bag, exactly the same, made in the same factory for half the price? picked up the headlight / indicator bracket's from the world's grumpiest welder, not sure if this is going to work yet, may end up cutting them down and just using them as indicator mountings as i didn;t realise how much off-set i need to mount the headlight in such a small space, hmmm, may need a rethink on this one? on a brighter note, cut down the big, long, massive front mudguard to half the size of the o.e.m item, very satisfying just using a file and wet and dry to get the shape, half the length of the original item, going to get johnthe painter to work his spray-majick on it, [might slot the mounting holes with a file though so it sit's closer to the tyre first], up to cornerspeed to see neil, robbed a couple of 'desmo inside' sticker's off him, brilliant! got new front and rear pad's and a set of pin's and 'r'clips for a steal, home and 'tapered' off some stainless bolt's for that 'factory' look, a bit of solvol on the anti-rattle shim and mounted up with 243 loctite, sorted.........


  1. I have an erection. Monday morning gets even better, gorgeous work mate, utterly fucking gorgeous !!!

  2. Looking lovely Loveless...less is less. Been wondering about those blue filters...been thinking of adapting an automotive one for a couple of my Hondas...

  3. Very sweet looking parts to adorn the false Triumph. Looking good my friend.
    I'll try to refrain from using the term "false," and go with "Resurrected Triumph" which gives the new breed an air of divinity.
    As far as the Nitro Mors lacking punch, I think ye may be developing some resistance to its magical powers of intoxication. Many years ago, when I first started huffing PB Blaster, I would see visions and hear the voice of The Almighty.

    Now all I get is a slight numbing of the lips.