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Saturday, 8 March 2014

northern soul girl

a lot of time during my night's and day's following the northern soul scene were spent on railway stations the length and breadth of britain, waiting for a train to get us to the next 'nighter/'dayer, this was back in the day, no car, no buses, public transport started at 0600 and finished at 2200hrs, just enough to tranport the worker's to their place of work, we caught the mail train's to distant town's to savour the soul, 'fry's' chocolate for substinance and grumpy, old guard's, piss -stained seats,  flickering carriage light's. swaping record's, chewing gum, amphetamine's, kisses and promises and lies, deserted, cold railway platform's the best days of my life, here's northern soul girl dancing on a platform, sum's it all really.........

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  1. Love this chick, she's got it in spades . . . you know, the soul thang.