another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 9 March 2014

 bugger, it's three week's until the bhr practice day at cadwell park, time to stop dicking about with the 'false' triumph and get my finger out on the racebike, there's no way the bmw is going to pass the noise regulation's, 105 db, fuck me, i can fart louder than that, i know that with the supertrapps with 'closed end's' i was tipping the noise meter at one hundred and nine db's, there's no-way i'm going to be out on the track with the 'closed course competition only' free flowing end cap's, the draconian health and safety laws even hit the racing world, if i tip the meter at over 105 i'm donaled ducked, no track time for timmy, time for a re-think, hmm, i've got a pair of carbon can's sitting unused under the bench, bs stamped, i was originally going to fit them on the ducati, but, with hindsight, [always a wonderful thing] they were a touch too 'glam' don't get me wrong, i love carbon fibre me, just not the highly polished stuff, in it's raw, pre-peg state, lovely, but, this is a race bike, doesn't matter what it look's like as long as we meet the reg's, need to get nige at n.r.p exhausts to make us a ouple of adapter pipes to suit and we are good to go, well, almost, my front tyre is a road item, so that need's changing, which means the lockwiring on the brake calipers need's replacing after the tyre is fitted, then there's the open bell-mouth's on the dellorto's, last time we were at cadwell, there was a load of small pebbles and grit just waiting to be sucked into the engine and cause mayhem, the diatribe sitting on top of the gearbox webbing ready to wreck the expensive motor. need to sort some sort of filter arrangement, if only to see us into the holding area, it's hit me tonight, there's loads to do on the racer, lots of running around, van to hire, my boot's are shagged, i need to get a new pair, it all takes time, reckon i might need to book some annual leave then..............................................................


  1. "bugger", the perfect way to start a sentence! The bellmouths are great, but you're right aboot the gravel, I'm sure there's some very fine stainless mesh somewhere at my work if you need some, or you could nick a sieve from the kitchen to match the baking ton catch tray.

  2. I forgot just what a beautiful bit of boxhead engineering the Buzz Bomb is Lovey, so smart, regardless of what muffs you end up running. Hook in son, you'll get there in your usual chaotic, last minute style. XX