another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

i can't feel my hand anymore, it's alright

i don't think i can ever go back to work again. a whole week off, is this really what life is about? i'm still up early doors, [in our house no-one ever really sleep's, jess in at some un-godly hour, dog's patrolling in the middle of the night trying to kill the cat / badger / fox, jack and me getting up at stupid o' clock for work, plus my nightly waking for a pee / check to see if i turned off the battery charger / or, that must-read-now-team-bike-24 hour-endurance race-report from 1981 that suddenly popped into my brain, or the obscure northern soul instrumental from stafford that i must track down, now, if not sooner....] i'm feeling a tad nervous, everything is going too well, me and the dangerous one are too organised, van booked, new tyre on, lockwiring done, had to make a spacer up so i can change gear with the new link pipes fitted,  couldn't get my boot under the lever on up-changes, well, i probably could, but it 's just much more comfortable now and takes out any guess-work whilst shifting. just fuel to get in our motley collection of jerry can's, get the new race number viny'ls off roy, fit the numberboards and we are almost ready for the bhr test day at cadwell on friday. started the beemer and tried it with the new pipes to see what it sounds like, with the standard baffles in i reckon we will be ok, team loveless vs the noise machine, rev it to around five thousand rpm and it's a different story, baffles out? fruitier than a fruit bat with a big hard-on! plan is to get noise tested with baffles in then drop them out for the practice sessions once we have the 'noise tested' sticker on the fairing. even found time to do a bit on the false triumph, front indicators mounted, resistors in and wired up, found a nice pair of 'stealth' headlamp brackets on the 'tinterweb that really suit the project, junked the shite fasteners and turned up some stainless fittings and spacers, headlight sits a barely noticeable inch and a half lower and an inch and a quarter closer to the yokes, but, i reckon it looks a million times better. gave the stock chain guard a bit of therapy too, milled some holes in it, chopped the back off it and shaped it with a file and wet and dry, quick blast with a rattle can in satin black, sorted. don't usually run chain guards on my bikes, but, like i said before, its all about looking across a carpark and thinking, hmmm, look's ok but i can't quite figure out why? you dig?..........


  1. Everything looking clean, neat and tidy Loveless. Really dig the chopped chain guard.

    Careful about too much f@#king off from work. It's addictive...............believe me, I know.

  2. Mein Gott, Team Loveless on time and sorted . . . wtf ??? Awesome brothermucker, looks like at long last you'll actually get some serious track time in, both steeds are looking splendid, Buzz Bomb is a complete screaming eyegasm !!!

  3. gentlemen, [and i use that term loosely, especially you william's, william's! stand up and pay attention, i'm talking to you!!!] thank you, mean's a lot lads......

  4. I agree Tim...Mr.Williams! Knock off that 'my tool box is bigger than yours dance'...and finish un-burying that beautiful Honda and Mopar!
    Your shop and the Hermitage shop are so nice and orderly...jealous and chagrined I am. I swear after I get back from the all-British show in San Jose this weekend....I'm tidying up....

  5. I love sleeper specials, the bikes you see and straight away you think - hold on. Something catches your eye so you take a minute admiring the mod, try and imagine the inspiration. Then you spot another subtle change, awesome this man has taste. Before you know you have taken 10 minutes admiring a bike that most people take in with a cursory and move on.

  6. thanks larry, the shed doesn't always look this tidy [especially when dangerous gets going!] i only realised, looking back at the photo's, how big the shed looks, let me assure you it isn't in real life! it's 15ft long x 6ft wide so we have to keep it tidy to be able to work in there, so true mr bisonhead, so true, like you said, the best bikes are the subtle ones not the out and out 'bling' bikes that tend to get all the attention, again the term 'street-sleeper' is right on the money, you are a man of taste yourself sir.