another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 16 March 2014


the brake fittings and hose arrived from earl's as i mentioned in the previous post, sorry, just can't live with the horrible o.e.m triumph stuff, i love making up brake lines, routing them so they look just right, alway's end up with bleeding digit's off the stainless brading though, i machined the banjo bolts with a ball mill for no reason than it just looks good, ok, you save a couple of grammes here and there, but really? it's not exactly moto gp is it? funny too how trends change, back in the early eighties, bare stainless braid was the dog's danglies, now? well, i just tend to think 'hair dresser' or 'shower room', nah, plain, black sleeved hosing for me thank's, just a cheeky little 20mm of exposed stainless braid and that's only so i can work on the collar's and olives, stainless bleed nipples finish off the job, the brakes bleed up easily and there's loads of feel at the lever, job done. fitted the new regina chain today too, splashed out on a 'warrior' combined riviter/chain cutting tool so easy to use and a bargain at thirty quid, always struggled in the past when you can make life so much easier for the price of a couple of pints and a takeaway curry. then there's the bollock i've dropped with the headlight / indicator mounting, sometimes you just have to admit it, i've fucked up, dangerous is ecstatic, 'told you bailey you wanker!' yep, he was right, there was no-way i could bend the headlight mounting bracket's at such an angle without a proper folder, to think i could get the right angle using the vice on the miller and a nylon headed mallet was a touch naive, i hold my hand's up, i've fucked up, nevermind, turn the brackets down and they make a wicked pair of indicator mountings....... foreververb? i was am will be, you were are will be, he / she / it is will be, we were are will be, you were are will be, they were are will be.................


  1. Have you been falling asleep to old fab four tunes Bailey? False Trumpy is looking very nice indeed. No sheet metal brakes in the neighborhood? My local metal yard has a monstrous brake they never use. If I ever need to fabricate a pick up truck bed, I know where to go.
    The BMW racer is looking quite purposeful these days...pity about the noise regs. Now I'll probably fall asleep and dream of walruses....

  2. Really loving the dished brake caliper fittings… just looks way more classy, than stock if you ask me! One a completely unrelated note, that's a good enough reason to actually get some new ballmills for my mill, so I can do that to the bolts on my XS400 racer


  3. larry, what a waste! fancy letting a brake go to rust like that, parcel it up and send it over to me! yep, you got me sussed on the beatles tunes, greg, thanks mate, it's the little things that matter, trouble is, machining stainless means your ballmills won't last too long! pictures of the xs/ tr1 please?

  4. TR1 is in bits at the moment. It will receive the 1100 crank for more displacement, but combined with 750 heads to raise the compression from phlegmatic 8.0:1 to somewhere in the 9s and the XS is still a very ugly heap… I'll send you some pix per mail.