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Saturday, 22 March 2014

derby five - forest nil

derby day today, us vs them, the rams vs forest, derby vs nottingham, steve mclaren vs billy davis, so much history, davis was our manager, mclaren their manager, don't even mention the clough / taylor years, so many players swapping sides and allegiances, playing for both clubs, i hate forest me, i hate them with a passion, fuck them and the donkey they rode in on, today we dicked them proper, five- fucking- nil, five - nil, five - nil, five- fucking- nil, five - nil on your big day out! it's brilliant to be a ram today, i shed a tear or two i admit, the stuff of legends,  had to go to work today, see the picture of the lads outside the neptune at 0700hrs, beer and breakfast, love to have been there but everyone has to make a living, there's no-way i was missing this fixture, made it into the ground with seconds to spare and had to go back after to finish my shift, but, you know what? i wouldn't have missed it for the world, 'since i was young, i followed them, d.c.f.c, the team for me.......'  bryson hat-trick,  live on sky tv to add to the dog's humiliation, billy davis and you forest scum, fuck right off...............


  1. I hate those forest barstads! If you hate them...well that's good enuff for me!

  2. thank's lads, don't get me wrong, it's just football, i have many mates from across the border in that god forsaken shire of nottingham, it's not their fault they were born there and not in god's own county of derbyshire, i worked in nottingham for ten years and had to endure the shit they gave me about being a ram daily, to stuff them five-nil, [sorry, did i mention the score was FIVE - NIL by any chance?] an amazing day for every rams supporters that will go down in history.