another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 21 March 2014


rediscovered a disc that my daughter, jess, gave me a year ago, an mp3 file of brilliant music, stuff totally underground and below the radar, listened to it over the last couple of night's whilst working on the bike, brilliant job by nige at nrp exhausts, adaptor pipes made up to fit the carbon oval can's to the race bike, 32mm to 42mm to 54mm, all swaged and belled and beautiful tig welding, three-angled bends to get them sitting just-so and brackets and stainless retaining springs, had to make up some stainless brackets and turn up the fasteners to do justice to the pipework, spent my break getting new race rubber fitted, another one hundred and fifty english pounds spunked on a front tyre, drilled out the baffle-retaining rivet, be rude not too really, if it's too loud i'll just bolt them back in, question? why buy a house next to a racing circuit if you are offended by the noise of race bikes? just saying.........

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  1. Bravo Loveymucker, looks ace . . . my toolbox might be bigger than yours but it's what you can do with the contents that counts . . . you win by a country furlong brother. XX