another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 16 February 2014

walking wounded

 'if i bang my fucking head on that fucking thing again i'm going home bailey!' dangerous is pissed, the oberon indicator is just at the correct height to catch it with your swede everytime you walk past, 'for fuck's sake!' dangerous cop's another direct hit to the temple, i'm pissing myself, [it's alway's funny until someone get's hurt and then it's hilarious], he's got ugly, red, contusions to his forehead, brilliant, tear's running down my face, sides aching, the more i laugh, the angrier he get's, 'bailey, you really are a cu....' the forkleg's need to get the stupid, mudguard stay mountings cut off, no other reason than it just look's better, the i-pod is chugging out goldie lookin'chain, straight outta newport, 'your mother's got a penis' boof, dangerous is holding his head, bloody hell, i reckon he's dead, third strike, even mike tyson would be down on his knee's, not dangerous, 'tea and a hot, buttered, tea-cake thank's.....' i stick a bit of lagging around the offending item and immeadiately smash my knee-cap into the corner of the bike-lift, i'm hanging onto the content's of my stomach, fuckinhellthathurt, dangerous smiles, blood running down his fore-heed, [yeah, i know, should be fore-head, but, i'm just showing the 'scottish' version and while were talking scottish, what's with the 'independance' thing? look, get over it, you scot's can't do it on your own, alex, have a chat with yourself, do the sum's, you might have watched 'braveheart' too many times, you need us, the ENGLISH, we need you too, for, ehh, well, well, something, not sure what though, apart from bitching and moaning about us English] the heavy, horrible headlight mountings get consigned to the bin, mr file and mr emery removing the horrible casting's from the forkleg's, here's some dates for your diary, the loveless race team, [aka, me and dangerous] will be at the british historic racing test day at cadwell park on friday, 28th march, racing at darley moor, the thundersprint, on saturday and sunday, the 10th and 11th of may, feel free to come along, drink tea, eat biscuits and take the piss, we are booked in for the classic tt / manx gp too, august 22nd to the 28th, more dates to follow, 'dangerous, look out!' ooop's, too late.......


  1. Stop fucking about, you'll have somebody's eye out . . . can yer mother sew laddy !!

  2. At least someone was there to witness the carnage. I cracked my heed on a corner the other night, and even though, no one was there to witness it...still hurt like a son-ofa-beetch. Wasn't a soul around to enjoy my misery...
    False Trumpy is looking lighter all the time.