another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 7 February 2014

three times seven

 the o.e.m triumph front brake is shit. a sliding caliper like you would find on a mid seventies h1 kawasaki and a disc made of cheese, magnetic stainless, rough as a badger's arse, fucking rubbish. i decided to spunk some hard-earned on something that would actually work, something more efficient than a 'john bull' set of rubber brake component's, right, the original disc is a 300mm thing, the aftermarket, full-floating item is 320mm, that's three quarter's of an inch in old school, not a lot i grant you, but ask your girlfriend/wife/partner how crucial that is, get the picture?] beautiful, italian made front, full floaters and wavy rear disc, [i'm not abig fan of wavy disc's normally, i always think 'chain-saw' but, i' don't use my rear brake anyway, so, if we can lose some un-sprung weight, well, why not?] we need to space them out 5mm to fit the brembo caliper's, a quick measure up and why invent the wheel? [so to speak], the stock disc's are wank, cut the carrier out, a quick fettle on the lathe and the perfect spacer to fit the new disc's. the jesus and mary chain, probably the loudest gig i ever went to, 'upside down' 'scuse me? baking powder.......


  1. Come on lad, get it done and stop wanking on about dairy products . . . hope you and the Gus Dawg get some kip mate, you're doing the right thing, big love brotherman.