another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 28 February 2014

thank you [falletinme be mice elf again]

whoah, two week's passed in the blink of an eye, rehabilitating an injured, three-week,  post-op dog, walking his 'bro, loads of shit at work, m.o.t to sort for my trusty vw, drive-to-work, work-to-drive polo, [not including my exhaust falling off, getting two new tyres fitted because the others were balder than a porn-star's 'lady-garden'] sorting a new phone because my old nokia went to rat-shit, [is it me or what? don't you want to drop the nut on the tosser's who work in 'phone shop's? 'do you actually think you need a gig of data per month sir?' 'well, let me think about that for a second shop-boy, yes, actually i do need a gig of data per month because i can actually check out bike-porn during my dinner hour, look at tool's, [no offence meant by that 'beard-boy' i know your mother's got one, oh, and by the way, i've actually been wearing converse for forty year's, not actually seen them on some hip fashion blog, actually and decided that with some skinny jeans, [low-slung of course], a skull belt buckle and a cheeky, angled, peaked, woollen beany, that i'm actually 'da shit' squeeze me? baking powder? OI! HELLO CUNT! why are you looking at other potential customer's in the shop when i'm talking to you? yes, i'm an old, unimportant bloke asking questions, but, mate, i've been round the block a few times, a 'quiet' word get's his unreserved attention, i get a good deal, a nice phone and everyone's happy, is there a sweeter fragrance than nitromor's? nah, [seriously. i don't think it's as strong as it used to be, undo the cap and your eyebrow's were falling off, now? you could gargle with it] the black, powdercoating peel's away to reveal roughly machined aluminium, two night's work, wet and dry in four different grades, down to a 1200 grit, [too shiny], see's me reverting to worn out 400 and a quick polish with solvol, perfect. roughed out the rear brake hanger and offered it up, stood back and took in the 'big-picture' and realised the o.e.m oil cooler is uglier than an ugly thing that's been hit with the ugly stick, that's got to go, a little digging through the trade catalogues  and i find two alternatives, the 'classic' mocal, big jappper, beet-style, early 80's, thin, but wide, aluminium cooler and the 'temp-a-cure' curved, more modern, superbike stylee item, can't decide which way i'm going to go yet, i like them both, suggestions needed folk's, [actually].............


  1. When we eventually hook up Lovey, I simply must go shopping with you . . . the faux trumpet is superb my brotherman. The future's so bright . . .

  2. Temp-a-cure,...........I think. I won't ask what was happening behind you to give you that face, ha ha ha!

  3. mr william's, we really need to hit the mall mate!!!, jan, listen, it was a genuine accident, i didn't know how close i was to the handle on the miller!!!!