another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 15 February 2014

and if i fall.......

'blue peter' john noakes, valerie singleton and peter purvis, tea-time for little loveless consisted of a kraft-cheese triangle sandwich on white bread, finely sliced tomatoes and a bag of ready-salted crisps, i was the original 'latch-key' kid me, my old man working stupid hour's as a fitter at the local printing works, my mum working two-jobs, dinner lady at the local primary school and afternoon's at the 'mini-boutique' ladies fashion emporium, home from school, let the dog out for a pee and tv on, three channel's back then, bbc, itv and bbc 2, imagine that now? a thousand and one channels and nothing worth watching on any of them, but, back to blue peter, amazing what you can make out of some old washing-up bottles and cardboard, still stuck with me even to this day, why cut precious stock when you can mock it up using an old cereal box? i like making stuff me, but, sometimes, my head get's turned, i'm a sucker for oberon part's, check out the shit o.e.m, pressed tin clutch adjuster and compare it to the beautiful oberon item, lovely, have you ever seen the baby elephant, lulu, shitting all over the studio, live on tv and john noakes and the elephant keeper falling over in the mess? brilliant, check it out on you-tube.....


  1. If we got 'Blue Peter' out here it was before my time mate but I have seen the famous pooping elephant . . . that Oberon stuff is nearly as tasty as the Team Loveless kit.

  2. Hey Tim, you should try and machine the fake Triumph logo onto the new for 2014 rear brake hanger

  3. Won't be long before you are bend-swinging that thing...except, you might need pontoons and water wings...judging by all the horrific flooding scenes coming out of the UK!

  4. Consider yourself lucky Loveless. At least you had the key. I was a "locked-out" kid. Mum would secure the doors leaving me hungry, scraping my fingers against the sidewalk and drinking water from the garden hose to stave off dehydration. I'd hunch over with my shirt drawn around me against the cold, weeping and shivering on the doorstep, knowing that when she returned I'd be beaten with her umbrella if I dare utter a complaint.

    Sometimes she was home the whole while watching soap operas on the tellie.

    A cruel taskmaster, that one.