another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 1 February 2014

airbox, snorkels and baffles........

the first of february, blimey, it's almost spring, better get my finger out and get something done on the bike rather than trying to flog 'merch', [must admit, i'm a bit disappointed with the response people, no orders recieved yet, fifty quid, [ or 75 dollar's american for a sticker] is great value, come on, send us some money for fuck's sake, fifteen hundred pounds for a piece of one-off artwork is small change, what's a matter with you? get those cheques, cash and year old  ducati's sent to us for a chance to own a truly iconic piece of, erh, something,,,,,, anyway, let's talk false triumph's, went up to my local dealer's to get a couple of  'consumable' part's, [ a front sprocket tab washer and a clutch cable] 'sorry dude, haven't got those in stock' squeeze me? baking powder?' 'i want a tab washer and a clutch cable for a two-double-oh-five bonneville' 'no, sorry dude, you have to order those, we don't have them in stock' i'm stunned, a couple of basic, service item's? not in stock? call me 'dude' again and i'm going to give you ippon-ken to your cheek-bone you cunt, i'm stunned, dangerous can get bit's for his forty year old, original bonneville off the shelf, in a little town like derby and yet i can't get basic stuff for a nine year old bike? what the fuck? anyway, triumph have to meet all the emission's, they are stifled, baffled and neutered, the induction noise has to be baffled to meet the reg's, we don't give a toss about that, reading stuff on the 'tinterweb reveals that removing the baffles and restrictons in the airbox is a right job, but. the results are well worth it, yeah, it's a bit fiddly, but, not beyond the average shed dweller, i must admit, i gave the parts bloke a hard time, i'm not proud of that, but, i hate being fucked over, i say it like it is, i'm not proud of that but that's the way i am, it's great to have a big, shiny, dealership, but, not stocking service item's? not acceptable to me i'm afraid, i'd expect to wait a couple of day's for fairing panel's painted in the year correct colour but a clutch cable? is it me or what?......


  1. Fucking ridiculous mate, had to wait nearly two weeks for the swing arm bushes for the skirtster when I had it done last year, reason given, it's only three years old mate, we've never had anyone ask for them before . . . ????

    1. Once had to wait a month for a triple tree..err set of fork yokes (sorry mates, blokes, fellers...forgot I was at a UK blog...apologies)...but that was for a bike that had only been in production for months not years.Sounds like parts supply has gotten pathetic all around...

  2. Odd for sure. Don't they make Triumphs in the UK? Getting parts for the Ducati is always a wait. My dealership keep nothing in stock for 2004 models.

  3. Had to order fr@#kin' BRAKE PADS at the HD dealership for an 02 Road King a few years ago. Plenty of coffee mugs T-shirts and awesome, evil $600.00 leather jackets in stock though.
    Thought "dude" was an American thing, yeeesh.
    Bad news Loveless, the groundhog saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter, dude.

  4. Kind of the same thing here in Calif. when it comes to parts for older British bikes. Plenty around , and some just a phone call away. Every now and then I consider the idea of buying a new or newish bike...but stories like these are discouraging me. Been thinking about ordering up a soldering pot and cable making I won't have to deal with waiting for those. Another good reason to get my lathe operational....making swing arm bushes and the like. Now I just to need to design some bitchin' stickers, T-shirts and coffee mugs and get in on this merchandising thang...

  5. nauh then dude .....going back to this post dude, i've got me sen a false triumph (gorra give it a try youth) (i mean dude) can you not attack it from the filter side with tinsnips and have the fucker out? ...when we ayin that brew during these dark weeks!!