another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 4 January 2014

wake up and smell the two-stroke...

made the annual pilgramage to the post-xmas show / auto-jumble / gathering of the tribes at newark today, oh dear, attendances well down on last year, i reckon around half the exhibitor's / trade stand's, all the bikes that sparked any interest in my old bones were two-strokes, from the beatles themed vespa px200, absoluteley brilliant air-brushed art work, right down to the shea-stadium concert ticket on the inside of the legshield, the horatio nelson themed, 'victory' lambretta, [couln't get any pics due to the crap lighting i'm afraid, but a great bike nevertheless], the bimota vee-duo 500, the closest thing to a road going 'stroker gp bike for the road, ok, the pipes aren't original, [should be stacked, sitting on the o/s of the bike] but, the underseat items are much neater, exposing the swing-arm and carbon-fibre seat unit, lush, the cobra lammy street racers, [the number 13 bike particularly, dropped headset, drilled out kick-start lever and stinger pipe, oh my] the widowmaker h2 kwak, bloodyfuckinghell, memories of davique motique, turn up on a 250 'learner' yam rd and take a fucking 750 lethal two-stroke, wank braked death machine out on a test ride? no wonder the government legislated us out off existance, then, well, i've posted pics of this bike before, rg suzuki, check it out, barry sheene raced one of these, enough said? well, almost, here's a note to the people who run the show's, don't charge the vendor's to stand at your show's, without the stall's, the stand's and the vendor's you really haven't got a show, i wanted to buy a load of stainless fasterners for my bikes today, i was pissed off as my usual contact wasn't attending, so, i rang him at home and placed my order because you charge too much to stand at your show, duh? go figure, let's cut out the middle man, we don't need your show, without the vendor's and us, the show goer's who come to the show's to buy stuff? charge the punters to get in, let the vendors have their pitch for nowt, everybody's happy there you go, ain't rocket science is it you greedy fucker's.....?


  1. That's one hell of a nice TR750… Modern fourstrokes 'n' all that, but I am still convinced, there's got to be a niche for proper stinkwheels in the racing world.

  2. The paint on that "Fab Four' scooter is amazing! Some of the scarier moments I've experienced on two wheels are courtesy of my brothers old Kawa 750 and 500's, and his had frame and suspension upgrades to go with the engine mods. The one 500 Kaw I owned, I sold after about 2 weeks. Only strokers I own now are an old Yamaha 175, and a Cotton. Wouldn't mind picking up an RD 400 some day. Fond memories of rides on those.(felt like they wheelied... because I wanted to, unlike the Kawas that seemed to wheelie too easy.)

  3. I'll go with Nanno and Laz . . . greed, what a fucking wank !!! Nice work angry pants.