another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 12 January 2014

too close to see far

after the big clean up, it's back to work today, radio chugging, tea swigging, the crack's flowing, mick and chalky visit us, the little shed is literally bursting at the seams, 'industrial language' laughing and taking the piss, cutting oil and homemade fruit cake courtesy of my mum mavis, dogs sleeping on 'their' chair, the new hydraulic bench get's caned, up and down, up and down, up and down, i make new stainless headsteady mountings from the stock we got from newark last week, lovely stainless flanged nuts, dangerous is on the lathe making up spacing bushes, loctite and ratchets whirling, make up a service plate to machine the standard, heavy, sprocket cover, yeah, there are loads of after-market items available, but...... i'd already made one using carbon-fibre and aluminium spacer bushes, but, it was just too 'flat' a little doodling with a sharpy and mr hacksaw meet's the standard cover, no going back now i guess, just another sunday afternoon then......


  1. The Loveless Mind Expansion Program continues . . . first class Timmy, freak !!

  2. Very nice, your head steadies look so much better than the mangle-iron factory rubbish...have always wondered about the mock tranny case cover...guess it was to try and make it look like the old bike...looking good.

  3. Just what Larry said, now those head steadies, they're worthy of a Trumpet (even if it's fake one :P )