another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 31 January 2014

the root of all evil

me and dangerous are proud to present the loveless 'lifestyle' collection for twenty-14,  hand picked item's to make your life better, just buy them and you will gain instant street credibility, our hoodies are carefully selected, big, baggy, washed out and made in a sweat shop in pakistan, especially distressed for that 'in the shop' look, [even though you think shop mean's john lewis or macy's]  just like the ones you can buy in primark or, for our north american brother's, old navy, stickers, beanie hats and 'snoopy' winter-spring collection outerwear, just think 'radar' in the old vietnam war series m.a.s.h, cutting edge slogans, 'loveless, cool as fk' stickers and beanies, [we deliberately missed out the 'uc' so you can wear it to pick up your kid's or take your mum shopping without offending anyone, but, anyone who is down would know we actually meant a very naughty swear-word called fuck], limited edition 'loveless' turnings, from actual parts that we actually make for our actual bikes, [supplied in an actual authentic plastic zip-bag, numbered and signed by dangerous and me] then, we offer our hand made, loveless wine, me and dangerous choose the grapes ourselves, tread them and filter the mashings through a sweaty old sock to bring you a taste experience, [limited edition run, 9000 units only available]  and finally, an actual, original, hand sketched artwork by me, yes, timmy loveless, i like to think this enscapulates the whole ethos of loveless engineering, the fraught tensions of two genius bike builder's, one a conceptial, driven artist, the other, a brilliant engineer, two worlds collide in artistic liberation.........................................................................................


  1. Hahaha...thanks for brightening up my Friday...some funny stuff there Tim.

    Before Mr. O'Reilly better change that to Korean War...

  2. Dear Timmy and Dangerman,

    1. When can I purchase?
    2. Will you accept gravel as payment
    3. You silly old funny buggers
    4. Still laughing.
    5. What Laz said re Radar . . . the studio wouldn't let them set in Vietnam which was still
    current, too hot for 'middle America' and the G-men.

  3. Just need you own brand of coffee and you've made it. Hipsters rule!!

  4. Oh, and some male grooming products!!

  5. well spotted larry and whitey, just droped the 'vietnam' thing in to see if you were paying attention, ahem, andy, my people may need to speak to your people, re. coffee and grooming product's, oh yeah, mr williams, take it seriously! no, you can't pay with gravel, do you think this is some sort of piss-take? we are artist's, i have a limited edtion dirty, used coffee mug available.......