another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 30 January 2014

still fighting it

what a strange day. thursday is the new friday. i'm off work today, so, get some domestic's done and down to my favourite 'metal re-cycling ' yard, i love it that you can weigh in a big bag-full of aluminium turnings and trade them in for a shed load of useable, lovely, stock, the weigh in? ten quid, the stock? four quid, or, the price of a mcdonalds big-mac-meal-deal, re-fucking-zult, new tyres today too, metzler lazer's, stock rear's a 130, stuck a 150 on the back and upped the front from a 110  to a 120, new rubber, those little, spiky, things just waiting to be worn down come the spring, oh yeah, there were a couple of bridgeport milling machines in the scrappy's today, one a series one, cnc, unit complete with digital readout, i casually asked how much, 'a oner youth' a hundred pounds, english, for a fucking bridgeport!!! my jessie pay's more than that for a pair of shoe's........stay tuned racefan's, i've decided if you can't beat them, well, i'm going to join them, loveless merch coming soon, wait until you see what i've got in my locker, get ready to consume, all major credit cards accepted, paypal? no problem, why should i bother getting up at sparow fart when i can mug off the general public to buy a t-shirt, tool-roll, [complete with paisley print] or a shit painting by a shit artist, [limited edition, limited edition?, it's limited because there's no-one stupid enough to buy your shit-art that's why], the loveless pop-up show coming soon to a place near you, bmw boxer twin's, cut-down frame rails? exhaust wrap? chunky, firestone tyres? get a room fucker's! lot's of beard's, low-slung jean's, wank journalist's wearing van's, carrying 'satchel's, [not man-bag's] and paying someone to build 'their' project bike on the promise of a couple of inches of exposure in 'their' magazine, warning! warning! the next trend is going to be mz's and northern soul, scooters and football, taxi!, oh bollock's, i've missed the bandwagon,  anyhoo,  it's all good folk's, form an orderly queue ladies and gentlemen, no pushing now...........loveless merch, limited edition's, details tomorrow, selling out? nah, not me..........


  1. Dear Tim,

    1. Love the ME33 up front, all my Trumpies ran them
    2. False Bonnie looks great
    3. You sell out prick
    4. Can't wait.
    5. XXX

  2. Buy the Bridgeport. Don't wait. Do it now.

  3. Yet again Tim, an inspired flow of consciousness/ rant.

  4. Fantastic looking metal yard. The buildings remind me so much of the now mostly gone Southern Pacific Rail yards here in Sactown... What were those buildings originally? Sad to see the machine tools sitting out neglected in the elements.Someone needs to rescue them. The CalTrans (Calif. Highway Dept) machine shops near where I live are similar to those old buildings also...if those buildings could, to go check out that tasty looking merchandise...