another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 24 January 2014

it's life jim, but not as we know it.....

eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, eat, sleep, work, repeat, my shift pattern for the last fourteen day's, interesting isn't it? well, no, it isn't really, up early doors, dark, cold, wet, misery, i'm sucking up the sunshine from our florida holiday but the supply is running out fast, surely there has to be more to life than this? i'm running on empty, my tank's empty, i'm craving some warm sunshine on my shoulders, some light, i feel like i'm living in a permanent state of darkness, gloom and dampness, mud-splattered and suffering trenchfoot, fuck winter and the donkey it rode in on, right, the o.e.m triumph rear master-cylinder is huge, check out the picture of it in my dwarf hand, why the fuck is it that big? it doesn't work anyway, i'm trying to conserve some hard-earned so instead of hunting through the breakers yards for a much more suitable replacement, i decide to try and use the  boat anchor, sorry, the original item instead, rough out a mounting bracket, spacing bushes and it still fouls the sidepanel, bollocks, [just ignore this bit, it's a reminder to myself, original footpeg mountings machined to atoms, make up new rearset's, need to move the o.e.m mastercylinder through thirty-degrees to re-locate the rearsets], it fouls the sidepanel now, don't want to run it witout the side panels and original air-box, taking cue's from race-bike-technology, cool, clean, air, not two-quid, foam, filter's, the mastercylinder bracket doesn't let the side panel fit flush, bollock's, need to re-think this one, i look at the clock, play-times over, eat, sleep, work, repeat........and then? there's the front caliper, a brembo, four-pot, used them on everything before, dug out this one and guess what? it smashes the spokes on the bike,  need to space the disc out to give clearance, more measuring, more machining, more energy sapping wankness, i'm seriously thinking about just buying a fireblade and fucking all this hassle off, and then? and then? nah, they would have would won, fuck winter, fuck the easy option, no one said life was going to be easy.......................................



  1. Winter blows! We are having another Arctic Express with temperatures below 0 F.
    It's getting me down man! These kind of temps make it really hard to get out to the garage and work on the bike or work on Chris. My job is making me drive all over hell's half acre to make matters worse. I'm glad that somebody is making some progress on their project!

  2. After all your mods, some kid will walk up and say his old man's got one, 'just like yours mister'....and you can smile and say, 'that's nice little boy'....Seriously though, it's coming right along, and is quite inspiring. Weekends is unseasonably warm and dry here. To the projects.

  3. Hi Tim. This might be a useful tip for the spoke clearance: We solved a similar problem some years ago by shaving off metal from the back corner of a Brembo parallel to the spokes. It was a 2 piston unit but there was enough thickness to allow for some removal. Might not work on yours, or maybe you've already tried it. Regards, Tony

  4. Perfect shed weather..............................................?, (shall I get me coat,.....again?)

  5. wotcha Chris, no wonder you haven't been doing the final touches to the duc project, i hate winter me, horrible, especially when Larry is giving it the big 'un about the temperature in Cali, [ok, i know northern California gets pretty cold, when i went to Frisco i was getting strange looks for wearing shorts, it was bloody cold!], Tony, had to do the old 'shaving' thing with the Brembo on the sporty project, there's a serious amount of material on these things and they can take some massaging, won't be able to get enough just doing that though i'm afraid, got to knock up a spacer for both wheels to fit the Brembo calipers, wait until you see the discs i've ordered! keep it to yourself though, it's top secret! Jan, you live in Kernow, it never get's cold there! [ps, i'm hoping to ride the beemer at the thundersprint at darley moor in may if my entry gets accepted, again, top secret, but be good to catch up with you if you can make it?]