another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 11 January 2014

displacement and time

displacement and time, what a week, busy, busy, busy, my old desk-top finally shuffled off this mortal coil, 'broadband to bandwith, mega-bites to terra-bites, for two years only, for ever? forever? your joking! amen'...... mr's b buy's me a new computer, a new computer? i'm a luddite me and proud of it, what does this button do? where's that gone? fucking fuck, i'm sure mr's b is going to kill me, 'trish, how do i get i-tunes up?' 'trish, how do i post photo's?' 'bailey, you really are a wanker!' a bit harsh me'think's but, perhaps she has a point? anyway, saturday morning and a knock on the door, dog's foaming at the mouth and going apeshit, 'kill, kill, kill the t.n.t bloke!' whoa, i'm knocked out, mr's 'scottish resting face' b, the kid's and my ma have all chipped in and bought me a hydraulic lift workbench to replace the old tube storage, upside down, chipboard topped thing that i've been struggling with for the past five years, it's got a proper wheel clamp for the front wheel to hold the bike in position, it lifts up to the correct working height with a foot pump, absoluteley brilliant, im so touched, tears rolling down my fat face, [must be that cold winter wind] received loads of treasure too, beautiful, stainless rose-joints for the rearsets, a new shorai, superlight battery for the bmw racer, [big up's to carrot cycles, even though we had over-charged the original battery, they met us half-way and replaced the battery for a great price], scored a cagiva mito brembo brake caliper off e-bay for a song, i love these rear brake calipers, loads of feel, easy to mount and dead cheap, used them on lots of projects, from the mz racer to the sportster, a dose of 'mr muscle' oven cleaner, some stainless fasteners and new pads will see a great brake for the price of a chip supper, great to get the bikes out  the shed today and have a sort out and clean up,  tried to start the ducati and guess what? yep, the battery is as flat as kate moss, but, the triumph is looking good, ok, the tank is too high, [i just lodged it on to stop it getting kicked during the big clean up] but, i just think it might work after all.......


  1. Bailey, you might be a wanker but you're a good one, aren't you the lucky boy, is it a brithday per chance . . . if so, happy birthday you silly old Luddite, if not, happy new bench day, you lucky bugger !!! XX

  2. thats a pretty good selection of machinery there. and that's coming from me, and i know what i'm talking about. be nice to catch up soon you bald prick. lots of love, Mr Roadhouse Jones

  3. Vert-twin, opposed-twin, v-twin....nice grouping there. Can't beat a good bike lift. I've got to clear room to set up one I picked up at least a year ago...inspiring stuff there.