another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 25 January 2014

at the top of the stairs, [there's darkness]

motown, everybody loves motown, the sound of young america, detroit, motor-city, uptempo, soul sounds, the sheer joy of music that moves you, [well, it moves me, it might not move you, hey man, it's not my fault you ain't got no soul in your old shoes] work again today, in at six in the am, out of there at two in the pm, another day wasted, the bloody rear master-cylinder bracket is turning out to be an epic, cut, cut, machine, fettle, i'm hovering over a 'buy it now' on a honda fireblade on the 'bay, i'm cold and tired and hungry, i can just start it, ride it, adjust the chain and polish the fairing, it's going to get me there and back, no hassle, no headaches but no soul, i've been checking out northern soul do's in derby, february 7th, i'm trying to get the courage to go, thirty-five years after my last all-nighter, oh dear, a trial run tonight see's me attempting a spin and almost rendering myself unconcious after bashing my swede on the fireplace, the dog's barking and attacking me, jack shouting 'turn it down', [excuse me, shouldn't that be the parents doing that, not the kid's?], jess and mr's b laughing at my 'dad dancing' don't give a fuck me, i'm directly linked to berry gordy, i've got soul me, i've got togetherness, i'm just thirty-five year's too late, bummer, bedtime me'think's, my new favourite book, the springfix catalogue, engineering brilliance, night, night everyone,,,,,,,,,


  1. You're out of your fucking gordy mate . . . bloody Fireblade old cock, whatchootalkinboutwillis ???

  2. ...with visions of square roots dancing through his head...the bracketry is looking good. Been about 20 years since I was a 'dancer'...pretty sure I've forgotten everything I had learned about it by now...was a young teen when Motown was in the air everywhere...and people were 'dancin' in the streets'...( need some video of that 'dad-dancin'...preferably with your shop mates adding comments...).

  3. wotcha mr williams, you know me better than that me old mucker, just a spot of benchracing in me old swede, larry, i really wasn't a bad dancer back in the day, as soon as i hit fifty? i don't know, my legs just don't seem to work anymore you know! is it just me? i dunno.........