another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 5 December 2013

you can't take it with you

nasty, horrible, silver-painted wheel nuts, ugly, standard clutch and brake levers, fat, stupid handlebar grips, massive, 'joe 90' indicators and baboons arse rear light unit and the toss front master cylinder cover, watch and learn my young apprentice, help is at hand, renthal 'shorty' grey, sticky 'grip's in a medium compound, a bastard to fit, [remember, the grips are for seven/eighth's diameter bar's, the bonnies are one-inch] warm them gently with the jessica loveless hair-dryer until they become more malleable, a good bit of old fahioned spit or 'gob' for us brit's and work them on, tight fit but if your'e careful they will go on without ripping, oberon, what can i say about the english company's stuff? perfection personified, engineering brilliance, you buy it, fit it and it works, ordered my stuff at the bike show in brum on saturday, received it tuesday, mini indicators, multi-adjustable clutch-brake lever's master cylinder cover, lovely, i want to lick them, yep, they really are that lovely, warning, warning, those shit,  oem wheel spindle nuts are consigned to the bin, these beauty's are titanium cr500 item's, i matched them up from the thread pitch, got some for the ducati too, [same pitch, had them on the 750ss]  twenty english pounds each, [and that's still less than a hooded sweatshirt from your favourite, trendy fucking blogspot, know what i'd rather spend my hard-earned on]  had to work a deal to get them for that price, fuck it. you can't take it with you..........


  1. Looking much better already.
    Always enjoy the blog when you're building something.

  2. Gorgeous parts! Merry Christmas to you! If you are like me, it's impossible to purchase a Christmas present for you. Purchasing your own gifts has certain advantages.
    You get EXACTLY what you want.
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    Nice work!