another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

these things will keep me loving you....

in no particular order, happy xmas to, jan tomlinson, [stinkyfiveblogsot], thanks for the music and the amazing photo's, greg aka nanno, ed at fingymoto, still need to meet up for a couple of porters and show the 'narrowback's' a night out ed], joe c, down-under ex ducatista, harley botherer, the long eaton crew, bench-donkee andy and grant, hairy larry and the hermit from over the pond, mr bison-head, med's, [can you hear that? that's the sound of forest's bandwagon grinding to a halt] my girl's, mr's bloody b, [scottish, 'resting-face' hard, soulmate, lover and best friend, we will get through it hon, love you, hard time's coming up i know but we will beat it]  the kid's, jessica, [baby girl] jack, [my first-born] the 'boy's' ted and gus [r.i.p. the big staffy in the sky, unfinished business mate, they will be getting a knock on the door i promise...]  soul boys and girls everywhere, the 'proper english gentlemen' derby county efff-ceee!!! sweary mick and chalky, neil at cornerspeed, rosemary in the isle of man for the dig's, all the racers, raver's and rocker's..... best wishes from dangerous too, my right hand man so that's it then, except......... oh yeah, a big sloppy fucking kiss to my homie in surfers paradise, mr dog williams, love you bro' you know why......oh, sorry, i missed chris snyder out from 'the boy and his duc' blogspot, sorry chris, here's to more 'sparring' in the new year 'ya big, daft yank!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Loveless to you and your family, The "red dogs" are gonna bite back hopefully !!!! Pironi at xmas, how lucky are we?? Ohh yeah I see old Malcolm hasshh got theeee Darby united AFC scoring a few again, it's a bit of a shame we have'nt seen the brolly yet !! Med's

  2. Cheers muchly Loveybrother, coming straight back at you from the heat and swelter, the feeling is entirely mutual . . . merry festering to whole Bailey gang.

  3. Merry jewish zombie carpenter birthday, Master Loveless!

  4. Hope you all had a good one, and here's to a splendid 2014!!