another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 28 December 2013


saturday. saturday between christmas and new year. late nights and late mornings. no work, well, no day job. lazy, tea drinking sofa saturday. hot toast and cuddly dogs and tea. more tea. boots on. the dogs tell me when its time to go. plastic ducks and duck, 'me duck, carved into tree branches. mossy walls and squirrel hunters. freezing fog, mossy walls and muddy lanes. spot-faced brackets, grub screws and cutting oil. milling stock, taking stock and leaping stiles. saturday.


  1. I figured "duck" was originally carved into the low branch for instructional purposes, but the rubber duckies are a nice touch.
    Fences, what fences? Over, under, around or through, just something to be breeched for a JRT.
    Hate the mud, at least in Jerkwater we get a reprieve for a while when the ground freezes.

  2. yep, the mud get's to me too hermit, horrible, boot-sucking mud, like you said, i'd rather have the frozen ground to walk upon, the 'duck' is to serve as a warning for the low branch across the footpath, but 'duck' in derbyshire is also a term of endearment, 'hello me duck, nice morning' 'two pint's of lager over here me duck' or even 'two fillet'ofish, large fries, a coke and vanilla shake me duck, ta' derbyshire, a little bit scary, a little bit jerkwater, [on acid..............]

  3. Mud or not your green lanes are beautiful. Reminded me how I did much more walking when I had a dog. As usual great pics Tim. Going to shamelessly borrow an idea or two from your 'grub-screw' bracketry to solve a problem with my latest project. Now I can't wait to get back to work and get on a lathe.

  4. thank's larry, the grub screws are a bit of a 'double-edged sword' they are to hold the tapped bosses in position while the world's nastiest welder does his stuff, then they will be used to 'nip' the brackets onto the fork stanchion to hold the headlamp brackets that i've still got to make, well, that's sort of the theory anyway, hey, i may drink some wine, perhaps sink a couple of beer's or take the dog's for a walk between times so who know's whats going to happen?