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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

happiness by the kilowatt

 inspired by chris snyder at the 'boy and his duc' blogspot, i decided i really didn't like the aftermarket exhausts available for the new bonnies so decided to bite the bullet and go and see nige at n.r.p exhausts to order a stainless, two-into-one system for the triumph, the only system i've seen that does anything for me is the 'british customs' left-hooker exhaust, a bit more digging reveals that it's very, very loud, being an american system means they don't have to worry about the noise reg's, i don't want to ride around looking over my shoulder, waiting for a pull off the law all the time so i'm going for a b.c. style exhaust with a different 'silencer' very cheeky and fruity, just not 'motorhead' offensive if you know what i mean?, ahem......meanwhile, back in the shed..................................................
the reg/req on the 'false triumph' mounts on the bottom yoke, mirroring the position on the 'real triumph' it looks horrible so has to be moved, preferably to the position where the horn sits on the modern, 'false' bonneville, make up a new bracket from some scrap aluminium and mout it up with some nice stainless hardware, the ignition key likewise, i'm done with cheapo, car part's, the electric cabinet shut-off key's and all the other bollocks that just rattles and vibrates itself into a thousand atoms like some sort of large hadron collider, i'll stick with the o.e.m item this time, proper key, not searching through dog-shit filled verges looking for a piece of toss chinese punched out tin-foil that's vibrated it's way out of the switch, usual pack-drill, cardboard template, rough out a piece of 8mm stock with a hacksaw and finish on the miller, couple of spacer's, helicoil the switch so there's no nut's on the back, cut-down and clean up some stainless fasteners, make a new mounting stud in quality stainless, add some flanged stainless nuts, loctite and a little ball-milling for weight loss/decoration, you would pass this bike in the street when it's done and you wouldn't even notice it and that, ladies and gentlemen [and dog williams x] is what it's all about really.........


  1. Can't wait to see the new exhaust! Funny that you are relocating the voltage regulator on the Bonnie. I'm going to be doing the same for the Duc this weekend. Merry Christmas Sir!

  2. Very well done loveless, but the rubber gloves scare me. Just what else are you doing in that garage?

  3. it's the little things that all add up Chris, tidying stuff, hiding it away if possible and routing, all important to the finished look, Hermit, what rubber gloves? their my old, battle scarred hands actually......don't be scared, or i'll post the photo's of me wearing the latex glove over my face, now thats really scary!

    1. I can handle anything from the waist up......

      I think......

  4. Love the recessed area on the ignition bracket, class.