another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 23 December 2013

gimme dat harp boy

 captain beefheart, has anyone ever listened to 'trout mask replica' all the way through? i reckon it's brilliant, but, after two tracks i want to smash my i-pod, treasure arrived today, a beautiful, hard anodised, lightweight rear sprocket, made by another brilliant british company, hat's off to renthal, who along with oberon, produce real quality, well engineered products that just work as they should do, class, [especially compared to the horrible o.e.m 'thing' fitted to the rear hub, the headlight mounting brackets took a lurch forward tonight too, a one-millimetre slot, end-milled to take a 15mm bush, [ready for our not-so-friendly, nasty bastard, welding ex-spurt to wield some majick] this will carry the lovely, little oberon led indicator, now,  imagine two more bushes, this time welded on at ninety degrees to the first bush, these will mount the brackets to carry the headlight in a norton-domi-racer rip-off stylee, [see post from the recent n.e.c./motorcycle live for a picture of what i'm trying to achieve] oh yeah, one of the things that really, really, fucks me off, [everytime i look at the bike] is the horrible 'headsteady/top engine mounting bracket] i mean, look at it, a couple of pieces of thin tinplate, bent in a vice with a hammer, fucking horrible, especially as it's right in the centre of the machine and right at the heart of the bike, the first thing you look at is the engine and there's a bracket that ikea would have rejected on a 'smmmalck' swing-bin, cheap, nasty, tacky, wank [can you imagine ducati producing something like this for even a bottom of the range motorcycle? nah, i don't think so] we deserve better triumph, it's a cheapskate fix, not up to the job, piss-poor in fact,  and that's why i spent a sleepless night thinking about an alternative and roughing out a couple of pieces of eight-mill........


  1. From the village of Fastidium comes Timothy Bailey . . . what a fucking joke the head steady is mate, well spat indeed, as always old cob, love your work, 'pretty hands' in surgeon-speak. All my warmest Yuletide greetings to you, Mrs B, the groovers and the hounds, may it be a time of peace, love and overindulgence, big ups, lotsa love, Whitey. XX

  2. Sometime back in the seventies a friend and I attended a of those interesting Bill Graham Winterland affairs...Z Z Top opened (an up and coming band outta Texas), Captain Beefheart second, with Mahavishnu Orchestra the main attraction. My pal Grant and I remember that gig as loud, louder, loudest. Being the seventies and during a time when certain smokables were being brought in from Thailand...I some times wonder how we ever made it home to Sackoftomatoes from San Francisco.... oh yeah, really diggin' all the machined aluminum porn...

  3. larry, what can i say? zee zee top as support, the ggod [sic] captain second billing and the mahavishnu orchestra top-billing? love 'frisco, except every time i stand on the 'bay bridge i want to jump off, is it me or what?