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Sunday, 29 December 2013

barnsley, away.

sunday afternoon. halfway between xmas and the new year,  what else is there to do but go and watch your team, deep in enemy territory in yorkshirestan, [actually the biggest county in merrye olde england] today six thousand derby fan's made the short trip up to south yarkshire, [the home team could only muster ten thousand hardy souls, that put's the away attendance in to perspective] two-one to the ram's, not a great performance by derby but three points in the bag and see's us into second place to little leicester, automatic promotion place, 'cheer up billy davis' smoke flares, arrests for pitch invasions, derby fan's in the home end spark's a flurry of activety from the police and stewards, [barnsley and south yorkshire police wouldn't sell anymore tickets to away, [derby] supporters so the derby fans just bought tickets in the home end of the ground anyway] happy day's, 'i want to go home, i want to go home, barnsley's a shit-hole, i want to go home' job done and big up's to the six-thousand derby fan's who travelled today..............

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  1. Should have dropped in for a cuppa! You could have let the poor sods win