another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 23 November 2013

wake me up before you go-go......

saturday shifts, i hate them me, weekends are just too precious to waste them at work, home just as the sun is starting to sink, walk the dogs, the fields are water-logged, thick, sticky mud sucking at my boot's, the temperature falling as the shadows lengthen, into the shed and start to take the standard clocks off, open the headlight and the wiring spill's it's guts, oh dear, where do i start with this? sit with a brew, a mince pie and dog's on knee, fighting for space, idly sketching the wiring and marking up the connections , i just don't get electrickery, sorry, it's a dark art, but, i stick with it and just work through the stuff logically, it can't be that hard can it? well, yep, it can, i'm listening to the match on local radio, derby away to bournemouth, we pinch a goal to secure the three points and move up to within a point of the play-off places, the dogs get a draw at home, can you hear that grant and med? shhhhh, that's the sound of billy's bandwagon grinding to a halt, football, brilliant! clock's off, wiring marked up for future reference and offer up the new 'clock, bloody hell, very nice, just need's a trick mounting bracket and wiring up, [easier said than done] the standard handlebar's are horrible, they look like mini ape-bar's, need to swap them for the 'lazy' bend harley bar's, perhaps cut down the standard, too high, hanlebar clamp's [or 'riser's' for our american friend's, or ben jones who doesn't know any difference.....] the match finishes and i hook up one of my i-pod's, press shuffle and instead of a load of hyper-cool, rare northern sounds, obscure texan garage bands, punk rock, psychedelic, acid, house, early blues and classic rock my i-pod start's spewing out wham's greatest hit's, 'battlestations' 'wake me up before i go-go' 'everything she want's' [surely the best record in the world ever? check it out and you'll see what i mean....] what you saying about 'careless whisper?' ' i'm never going to dance again, the way i danced with you ohh, ohh' brilliant, ' a different corner' 'club tropicana' 'the edge of heaven' i'm trying to turn it off, i don't want anyone to hear it, it's a guilty pleasure, fuck me, what would the bro's say if they knew i was listening to this, don't tell anyone will you? it's our little secret........


  1. .........................................

  2. Too funny Stinky . . . you fucking sick bastard Loveymucker, even as a joke the Wham thing brings a sour note to my mouth, mind you, love the Georgie Boy white soul caper of the last decade and a half . . . anyhoo, the single clock is so right mate and the view from the arse end is really beginning to show it's true Bonneville lineage, well done sick boy, continue on.

  3. Yeah Wham it up baby kinda right for a gay time in the garage with your false triumph!

    1. 'False Triumph' . . . hilarious Barse !!!

  4. Wham! Crikey it'll be Boney M next

  5. Listening to Wham is like bangin fat chicks or riding mopeds....