another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 16 November 2013

something i can never have

treasure, everyone loves treasure, heres what i scored at birmingham at the classic car show, a mint copy of mick walkers 'bmw, the racing story' for eight quid, essential reading, a couple of big bags of stainless steel fasteners, here's a loveless engineering tip, don't fuck about, load up with a a truck load of stuff, the blokes on the stands can't cope with trying to work out prices and just say 'give us forty quid' they are desperate to get to the next customer, for example, the bloke in front of me had eight bolts, he got charged eleven quid, i got so many fasteners the fucking strap was falling off my 'man-bag' for fifty notes, like guy say's, go big, it's cheaper in the long run, [plus i have to buy twice as many because dangerous is always pinching my stock for his bikes] oh yeah, i scored a brilliant little speedo for the bike too, it's 64mm dia. stainless steel case, analogue speed sweep, digital trip, mileage, oil temp, turn signal, high beam, oil pressure, high beam, neutral light and total mileage, not cheap but look at it compared to the standard triumph bollock's, it's the way forward and all the time the pile of cast off, redundant parts grows.....


  1. Oh Timmy, that stock instrument cluster is . . . fucking ghastly, good score. Love the Walker reading material, how's Georg's 'fairing', decidedly un-BMW.

  2. wotcha mr williams, as you know mucker, the more you take off a motorcycle the better, the clocks are as you say horrible with a capital H, sweary and chalky came up this afto for a brew and they just don't get it, dangerous on the other hand is so revved up that he's gone off travelling for a week in the 'mystery machine' because he's so revved up!