another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 24 November 2013


normal service resumed, 'surfer rosa' by the mighty pixies, what an album, 1988, really? time really does fly, nitromorsed the harley davidson, 883r sportster bars back to their bare stainless finish, quick rub with a couple of strips of scotchbrite, sorted, that lovely, satin, soft finish, i'm dead chuffed, old stuff re-cycled and just perfect, except, as i sit back with a brew, it's not quite right, the bar's? perfect, it's the handlebar clamps, [risers] too tall, they stand too tall off the top yoke, [triple tree's] right, i've decided, no more american translations, learn english you wankers, 'fenders'? pah, there a make of guitar,  'header's'? that's what we do at football, [never, ever 'soccer', it's FOOTBALL] happy thanksgiving day by the way, a hundred million turkey's can't be wrong, get the handlebar clamps in the lathe and hit 'em up with the miller, cluck, cluck, lathe, chuck, cluck, cluck, chuck, miller, lathe, chuck.......


  1. That headlight looks massive now!

  2. You and Cleese mate, the war on correct usage of the language rages on . . . looking good Lovey. Random psychotic type seated on bike lends an air of menace to proceedings.

  3. My maternal Grandfather was born in Midhurst, sailed with the Royal Merchant Marines, and emigrated to the states in his late twenties. As he used to say, "It's our bloody language!"
    As far as American football, when a ball is loose on the ground it is illegal to kick it, so why the hell is it called football?
    And, what is this "fütbol / soccer" you speak of?
    The bike is shaping up Luv.

    In closing: I'd like to get hold of some of that Nitro Mors shit, looks like it could make for some fine huffing.

  4. Lovelessengineering 'acquire' their nitro-mors from tj's auto detailing ' I'll just borrow a cap full youth'