another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 14 November 2013

exit planet dust

another perfectly standard motorcycle ruined. the triumph is on the bench and it's hammer time, i'm suprised at some of the touches on this bike, brilliant, removing the right hand side panel exposes a mess of fuse boxes, electrickery and the massive air-box, but what's that? ahh, an allen key in a bracket, [thats what i'm pointing at with my quorn vegetarian sausage finger] a nice touch, enables you to remove the two allen head seat mounting bolts to gain access to the battery, then, theres the horrible, heavy, heavy stuff, i removed the standard 'silencers' and was shocked how much weight there is in both of them, no wonder it took me, jack and dangerous all our bollocks to get the bloody thing up onto the bench! it weighs a ton, people slag off the harleys, [no one more than me], but the term 'boat-anchor' springs to mind when i start to rip into the triumph, i love this me, taking stuff off the bike thats been there since it was made, revealing all the shit, the grease and dirt, many hours of cleaning, fettling and heartbrake, smashed fingers, swearing, laughing like mad men, gunk, funk and spunk............


  1. First photo, slash cuts, shorter seat, and no mudguard, WOOF!!

  2. You can't leave well enough alone . . . thank God !!! You be fine Lovey, seat cover looks almost tan . . . looks like the output sprocket may have been off already by the choong on the tab washer . . . hook in lad, I await further development. XX