another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 9 November 2013

everything zen

one two, one two, one two, blimey, don't really know what i'm doing here but let's give it a go, found this video clip on my old sony cybershot camera today, i was supposed to be taking a 'still' shot of the aermacchi one friday night and it catches me and dangerous fucking about in the shed, drinking beer and our beautiful derbyshire accents in full effect, please excuse the odd uttered oath, if it works this could be the start of something big, like proper moving pictures, noise and sound of the bikes near and dear to the loveless crew, ba, ba, ra, ra, cu, cu, da, da.........


  1. Not the kind of language I'd expect from proper British Gentlemen.

  2. There ya go...get that fookin camruh pointed at some fookin running motorcycles....

  3. Get yourself a new fooking camera . . . I'm on video, that's why . . . priceless mucker !!! The funny thing is that in my imaginings of how you'd sound, it's exactly in sync !!! Men in sheds, universal stuff.

  4. See if you can get 250 squid from you've been framed!