another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 15 November 2013

atom smasher

day off today, back to work tomorrow, picked up sweary mick on the way down to the classic bike and car show at the n.e.c. very expensive and half the bikes on show from last year, i managed to use some of the old loveless charm on one of the ladies stamping your hand to gain access to the classic car show too and save a tenner in the process, great day out, amazing shed built triple x2 v6, overhead cam, work in progress beezer race bike, a bit of sport with the honda 750-4 owners, nearly getting lynched telling them how i'd cut up a '74 ohc model, lovely little mz resto job ts 250, amazing 'strongbow' triumph, nice little triumph custom, [bar the fringed, stupid angle seat] and loads of cool scooters, the mod, vespa, lambretta psychedelic '69' bike and the '80's scooterboy cutdown rocking my boat inna two-stroke stylee, oh yeah, there were lots of four-wheelers there too, the penguin pick 'em up did it for me, would i go again? nah, don't think so, though saying that, i did score some treasure..........


  1. Tim I think you still have unfinished business with the MZ marque ?

  2. yep, your right Ed, i really don't know why i like them, but, i just do.