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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Staring at the RudeBoys

Great day yesterday, riding the massive roller coasters at Busch Gardens, as the name suggests, it's not all adrenaline fuelled rides, the gardens themselves are lovely, full of exotic plants and flowers and a world away from England's staple Marigolds, Daffodils and Roses, one of my favourite parts of a day out at Busch is the zoo, now, don't start beating me up here folk's, I know all about the right to roam, un- caged nature and all the other arguments blah, blah, blah, but, really, is it any worse that the animals are looked after with love, attention to their needs, welfare and kindness?(and probably more than many humans are in all honesty)

Is it really any worse than poachers killing Rhinos so they can grind down their horns to use as an aphrodisiac or Tigers being shot and skinned for their skin so some fat, rich tosser can act out their Burt Reynolds fantasy, lying butt- nekkid' in front of an open fire? Nah, I don't think so, today, we just chilled, playing tunes, playing in the pool, sleeping, drinking tea by the gallon, revelling in the sunshine, chatting and catching up with each other, then it dawned on me, we really aren't that different to the animals at Busch after all......

Location:27.5130 North, 82.7190 West


  1. Get the fuck out of my mind you telepathic vampire !!! Beautifully put Mr Bailey, screw the arch greenies, give me back circuses with lions and tigers, as long as they're well treated, no drama farmer . . . looks fabulous mate, drink it up Rudy !!!

  2. You've got a nice enclosure there.

  3. Lions, gorillas...and roos...oh my. Tunes and tea too. Sounds like another day in paradise.

  4. Wow, the Family Loveless is covering some serious ground!
    Living in the New York city area, a child in the sixties, I was fascinated by the Bronx Zoo. It was a dark dungeon-like place where the animals were kept in darkened, barred cages and paced back and forth miserably. They were thrown a hunk of horseflesh once a day for sustenance and their cages hosed down when the stink got too bad. The newer zoos are far more humane and life is artificial but easy. Nature is a motherfucker.

    With enough A-1 sauce even gorilla is pretty good eating, if you get a young one.