another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 4 October 2013

hymn for the dudes....

'you've bought what?'  'you need a chat with yourself mate!' 'sold the harley?' 'twat!' 'why?' 'fucking idiot!' 'bailey, you're a cunt!' well, there you go, just a few snatches of conversation from the last couple of day's from my harley-davidson riding friend's on my revelation that i've moved the sporty on and bought a hinkley bonny, right, let's get a few things straight, this is a photo of the same model i've bought, it's green, british racing green, un-polished, un-chromed engine cases, bog-stock, [bar the tacho conversion] and i'm going to make 'subtle' changes to it, i can't live with that back mudguard, the indicators, silencers, front brake caliper, big shiny, headlight, footpegs, sprocket cover, chain guard, shock's, front mudguard and mirror's, apart from that, well, i reckon i can chop and change it to suit, it's a big, heavy bastard in standard form, but, isn't that what it's all about? [i'm thinking lower, wide bar's, re-positioned indicators, no rear mud-guard, shortened front mud-guard, brembo caliper's, big floating disc, bar-end rear mirror, earl's stainless hoses and fittings, a sprinkle of titanium, stainless and carbon-fibre, keihin carbs, a one-off exhaust and some decent suspender's] yeah, a mild work-over, a little massaging, a little fettling and tweeking, stay tuned race-fan's, it's never an easy road.........


  1. you're over eighteen've made a decision ....i like the next step

  2. Hey, so you've gone metric, look at the controversy when Bob Dylan went electric, it didn't do him any harm in the long run!!

  3. Nice work Lovey, it'll look the biz I'm sure, absence of the shiny stuff is a bonus to begin with . . . unlike old Stinky Jan, I'd love you to avoid the 'black bike' routine, however, as Grant pointed out, you're an adult [ha, says Mrs B] so just get on with it . . . funny hearing from your one eyed Hoggly lovin mates the exact opposite of what I got from my myopic Trumpy lovin buddies . . . fuck that, it's a motorcycle, enjoy the bejabbers out of it mucker.