another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 12 October 2013


America is fucked, political stalemate in Washington, the Democrats and Republicans holding talks in the Senate for the first time in weeks, public employees sent home and Simon Cowell, One Direction and Russell Brand on the T.V. But, worse than that, the Baileys are here, now you know you really are in trouble, for as long as I can remember I've been fascinated with American culture, from the music, predominately rare Black music, the cars and bikes, the fashion, ( especially the whole Hair-metal thing, no, not really, just the Levi's, Converse and cheesy Walmart t-shirts) but, seriously, it's all about the space, (going back to the American dream, one of my biggest disappointments were Hershey bars, I can remember seeing the adverts in comic books, the first time I tasted one? Fucking shite, America, what the fuck! That ain't chocolate! get yourselves wrapped around some Thorntons, proper choccy!) although,I am feeling peanut-butter ice cream, I'm a simple Derbyshire lad me, I live in the most land locked county in the country, a hundred miles east or west and I'm dipping a toe in the old briney , here in America? Huge, love it, driving here is a dream come true, (I know young Whitey will be pissing himself now, all those Aussie road trains, roo-bars with mashed kangaroo's rotting in the heat and red dirt,dust,covered roads and Mad Max road burning outlaws) cut me some slack people, I'm impressed with big engines, big truck's and big countries, I'm feeling getting lost, disappearing, being totally anonymous, road's, gas, space, gas, space, rhythm and blues, Mexican food, gas, (probably cause by too much Mexican food......)

Location:Duh, America


  1. Ha, too funny . . . lovely Lovey, bring on the next lot . . . real trucks are the biz.

  2. I hope that you get pulled over by my republican storm troopers and cavity searched under the Homeland Security Act and then have your limey guts stomped out on the side of an awesome American Super Highway. You"ll stare at empty Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can and Hershey Chocolate candy wrapper in the median of one of our 10 lane super freeways while some corpulent state trooper removes his night stick from his utility belt and asks "Where you from agin, son?" Soon, with your face smashed in to the tarmac with 350 lbs of fat American Peace Officer's jackboot pressing hard on your skull you might reconsider your shit talkiing of America's favorite candy bar...

  3. "One if by land, two if by sea and three if by rented SUV."

    Paul Revere

    Damn British are coming again.

  4. Trios, they were a proper chocolate bar.

  5. Cheers Dog Mucker, Jan, good call, I'd forgotten Trios, here's a couple for you, what about Old Jamaica? Or, my own favourite, Caramac's, whatever happened to them? Hermit, as Lord Baden Powell said, bless him, 'be prepared' I've asked for directions to your house so we can call in for a cup of tea with you, do you realise just how many Jerkwater's there are in the U.S.A.? You really need to be a little more State specific, I mean, I like driving but sheesh! And as for you Mr Snyder, Hershey's Smershey,s I'm sticking with my original post, so stick that in your Mark Twain hat and punch it!

  6. "Jerkwater" is more a state of mind than anything else, Luv. If you make it into the great state of Indiana shoot me an email address and I'll give you the grid coordinates to the compound. We can talk over cheap beer and Dollar Store Hershey bars.