another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 27 September 2013

good times for a change, see, the luck i've had can make a good man turn bad.......

 so, cruising the delights of ebay and i spot a low mileage triumph bonneville, 1977, t140, very nice, i want it, i need to offload a bike to fund it but which one? the ducati?, nah, big, aircooled twin, carbs, mile-muncher, 80 honest italian horses, 135mph and great handling, this one's a keeper, the boxer race bike?, nah, i know it's a money pit and my man has let me down badly but, it's nearly there, just ordered a pair of thirty-eight mill dell 'orto pumpers to finish off the job in a proper style, just need's dynoing to set it up and i'm good to go next year, right, that's it, the sporty has to go, i put it up on e-bay, i get the usual chancer's, wankers and dreamers and spend the rest of the week sending e-mails, answering inane, boring, question's, trying to be polite to fucking toss-pots who don't realise the coin and effort that have been put into my bike, i set a ridiculously low reserve and get a hundred and one emails  asking me to contact whoever because they want to buy it for two and six, you know what? go and fuck yourself's, i'd rather set fire to it and ride it into the armco,it's not for sale now, i'll rack it up, re-cycle it and re-invent it, 'what was your reserve?' phhhwarh, read my lip's, fuck right off..........


  1. If you end up torching it Loveless, I'll pay the freight to ship that awesome exhaust to Jerkwater, USA.

    Just sayin.

  2. Fucking people mate, tirekickers and tuggers, good to see it happens just as much on the 'bay as it does in 'real life' . . . maybe give it another crack Lovey, either way, skirty or Trumpy, plan's a goodun.

  3. Shame you had to let go on this one... She's a real beauty. Not practical. Just pretty... fast.