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Thursday, 26 September 2013

northern soul

northern soul, where do i start, elaine constantine's new book and film are out very soon so it's back in the news, programme on bbc2 last night, radio coverage on my favourite station, radio six today, as usual with anything deemed slightly warmer than a greggs pasty, [ie, 'cool'] the programme was pretty good actually after all, the radio 'peoples playlist'? nah, i'm sorry didn't work for this old soul boy i'm afraid, they trotted out all the 'usual suspects', bar probably the best soul record ever, the heart-stopping 'she'll come running back to me....' by mell britt, i admit it, i was gone, crying like a baby, big, fat tears rolling down my big fat face, much to the delight of my workmates, i tried to say what it means to me but just sobbed instead, anyhoo, enough of that, here's a documentry from back in the day which sums up the rare soul scene in the seventies, watching it now makes me realise how grim it actually was back then, hard times, the best times of my life...........

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  1. Difficult for me to see the romance, easy to appreciate where and when I grew up, stunning Lovey, in a bleak, grime covered kinda way. Thanks mate, ya big nancy boy !!