another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 8 September 2013

classic tt / manx g.p.

bank holiday monday, up extra early door's to ensure we get a good spot at bradden church, i've watched here before and it's one of the best places to spectate i reckon, five quid see's you into a prime spot and the local ladies do the catering, decent tea, home-made cakes and sandwiches, i had a wander around between races, the church is lovely, i'm not a 'churchy' person, more agnostic-punk-humanist-buddhist-punk, [fuck me, you can't get more mixed up than that, my philosophy is be nice to everyone, if that doesn't work headbutt's and low kicks to the knee's usually sort it out]. the people here are charming and are working overtime to be welcoming to the race fans, dangerous is getting a brew in and buying cake, i discover that there's a book and c.d. sale, i flick through the usual glen miller, boyzone and robbie williams tat and low and behold score martina topley bird's 'quixotic', paul van dyk's 'reflections' double album re-mix and much more telling, nine inch nails 'pretty hate machine' and 'downward spiral' all for the grand total of fifty pence a throw, nine inch nails in a church sale?, what's all that about then? i spent the rest of the afternoon chuckling to myself, micheal dunlop was fast, how fast?, faster than a very fast thing, i made my way back up to the grandstand, post-race, it was all about the suzuki's, big, brutal bikes, dunlop's machine fly-blown and covered with oil from a leaking oil cooler, check the photo's, yeah, they really are that close to you and the stone wall's, frightening isn't it........


  1. Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening, excellent again mate, yes, it is my density . . . you can't help yourself Timmy, always on the hunt for gold . . . love the wee man in front of the Ox.

  2. They spoke Micheal Dunlop after that race, on ITV 4, he was absolutely covered in oil, but he didn't ease off, in fact he beat his own lap record!!! I love N.I.N., always remember listening to Bruno Brookes doing the charts, and he played the complete unedited version Closer on prime time national radio, with its catchy chorus; "I want to f*#k you like an animal, I want to feel you from the inside", genius.