another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 7 September 2013

classic tt / manx g.p.

 so, i'm on my toe's, trying to get away from dave roper, time to head out of the race paddock and into the carpark, [note to self, carpark? what the fuck? it's wall to wall bikes and nary a car to be be seen] you might have noticed i took a lot of photos of ducati's? the mz's were represented in full effect, new hinckley bonny got it going on, late model guzzi caff racer, super tough mottod framed laverda jota all over the island this week, pantah rocking wires? oh yeah, big-twin harley with norton gearbox, cooler than a very cool thing, he was on my ferry on the way home and he kneeled on the seat to kick the fucker up, saw him down at the calf of man too mid week and on the prom at douglas with his mate on the tidy shovel, respect due, check out the gilera saturno lurking in the background, 500cc's of malice, passed him on the mountain and he wasn't happy, the isle of man, the most famous bit of tarmac in the world, be there or be square fucker....


  1. Jesus H Christ on a cross mate, what a freakin smorgasbord of two wheel sex Lovey . . . still getting over the Roper thing, went and dug out all my old Classic Bike mags from '89-'00, man, he is so cool . . . bastard !!!!

  2. More good stuff. If you haven't checked out Dave Roper's blog ...he just did an IOM post. More bikes to check out.

  3. mister williams, it's your destiny, don't deny it and start planning it!, cheer's larry, i've met a few of my heroes and barring one who shall remain nameless to protect his 'cult' status with his fan's, [i think someone may have missed out an 'n' there instead of the the 'l'] to a man they have been genuine blokes, mr roper takes it to another level, a more self effacing, genuine geezer you couldn't wish to meet, legend is a term much overused today, dave roper is the genuine article, i'm on it larry, thanks for the tip off.....