another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

classic tt / manx g.p.

manx's at the manx, or, to be more precise molnar manx's, 500cc and 350cc, [yellow plate =500, blue plate= 350, but you knew that already didn't you] click on them and enlarge the pictures, drink in the preperation and engineering goodness, a real shame guy martin, [who was scheduled to ride a 500], wasn't allowed to ride, he had just had a very succesful weekend at the ulster gp with three win's] unfortunately, the powers that be wouldn't let him ride because he'd missed the signing on deadline, rules is rules, we live our lives by them i guess, but i can't help but feel that the classic tt organisers shot themselves in the foot a little by denying the racegoer's a chance of seeing guy taking on the mountain course on a classic........

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  1. Rules are rules and often times the enforcers are nothing but fools, a wonderful opportunity for all gone begging, bummer.