another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 3 August 2013

safe in mind [please get this gun from out my face]

vapour trails, fluffy white products of combustion from jet engines arcing across the sky, saturday morning and i'm walking the dog's, the steady 'puffing billy' pant, pant, pant of leashed canines the soundtrack for this walk, across deserted meadows, nettles stinging and the sun dipping in and out behind tall storm clouds, do you ever get that feeling when you arrive somewhere but can't remember how you got there?  i had that today, open fields and tightly packed woodland, the scent of dampness, patchouli oil? [or is that just something i'm dragging back from another life?] do you get that slightly uneasy feeling that someone or something is watching you when you go into the wood's? 'if you go down to the woods today your in for a BIG suprise....' the day my dad died i headed up to beeley moor, it just seemed the right thing to do, i headed for the little stone circle, 'doll tor' situated in the woods and just sat and thought about my old man, my dad was an old fashioned dad, he was always at work, every saturday and sunday, he never kicked a football with me or took me to football or cuddled me or told me he loved me, but, you know, i know he really did, he wasn't a bad-dad, just a dad from another age, the annual family holiday, one week at billy butlins holiday camp was always a chore to him, how the fuck would they cope without him? today the factory is gone and houses have been built on the land, what a waste, my dad gave up his life for that firm, even when he retired he went back in to help them out, a lot of people got rich and had a nice lifestyle because of my old man's efforts, i'm thinking about all this and suddenly i'm almost home, as i head back towards holbrook i stifle a chuckle, this road sign always makes me laugh, ok, left hand bend approaching, pretty tight, just be aware of the old people cutting the corner........


  1. Gotta say Tim, I was having very similar thoughts today, just feels like life is slipping through my fingers 'coz I'm always bloody working. Its never "can it be done by then", but "it needs to be done by then!", no matter what, chunter chunter chunter, when you picking up the Ducati?

  2. So, the old girl's grabbing the old boy's arse?
    On the sign, near the bend........
    OK, maybe it's just me.

  3. Andy is right she is grabbing him by the arse if that sign was the other way around it would be sexual harassment !!

  4. Cut from similar cloth you are mucker, at least when it comes to giving your all to your loving employer and whatever you do, and that is a rare and honorable thing, in an age when 'honour' and 'loyalty' are entirely diminished in their meaning . . . and it's defo an arse grab mate. Love your work Timmy Bailey, total disclosure. XX

  5. tim are you going to donington this weekend?
    if so my b31 will be in the supporters enclosure could have a brew