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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

festival of a 1000 bikes 2013 part one

the festival of a 1000 bikes, is there anywhere finer to be in the world over this weekend? i think not, if you have any interest in classic bikes, classic racing bikes or any inkling of the importance of seeing and hearing veteran, vintage and classic machines actually being thrashed around an iconic race track instead of being polished and preened and treated like treasure then this is the place for you, i must apologise in advance for the poor quality of the pictures, peoples feet, ugly faces, short's and ice-creams are all in my shots, but , to say we had a bit of a stressfull day would be an understatement to say the least, [all will be revealed in the next couple of posts] and i only had an hour at dinner time to have a quick scout around the local vicinity and grab some pic's, how big is the festival? absoluteley massive, we only saw a third of the race paddock, we missed all the famous riders on their demo laps, never ventured 'over the bridge' to have a look at the hundreds of stalls, owners club tents and campsite bikes in the outfield area, missed the sprint, the vintage grass track and the trials, it's bloody massive and what's brilliant is that it actually 'breathes', the noise, the smell, motorcycles, like the old saying goes 'if i had to explain........' and what's really sad is that this is probably the last one, apparently house prices in kirkby-mallory the old village built around mallory park are ten to fifteen thousand pounds cheaper than the surrounding villages so some shrewd property developers have been snapping up houses at a bargain price and then complaining about the noise from the circuit, excuse me? buy a house near a race circuit, a theme park, airport, motorway, pub, railway, engineering works, blah, blah, blah and surely you would expect some 'noise' not this bunch of shyster's, they want to close mallory, their 'investments' make ten to fifteen grand overnight and well, what will mallory park be used for? uhhm, let's guess, you can't use it as race track, the circuit owners only make an income if the track is being used, trackday's? perfect, can't use the track? bail out, sell it to the property developers to build houses on and lets make a killing, it stink's, mallory is part of our heritage and it's going to be turned into a fucking housing estate and line the pocket's of a bunch of businessmen? fight the power........


  1. Surely that can't be legal, it's immoral if nowt else, it stinks!!

  2. Fuck the power . . . nice post Lovey, not much else add, cool pics too for quickies, love the Flying Squirrel and the Matchy but what I really love is the four season in one day photo booth shots, bloody excellent mate, all possible moods in one session, gotta be a record !! XX