another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 20 July 2013

festival of a 1000 bikes 2013 part four

half past eight and i'm aware of a stirring in the short's department, calm down, it's my phone ringing, i don't recognise the number but i  answer it anyway, big mistake, 'hello, it's choice van rental, you should have had the van back at 0800hrs this morning, i've got a customer waiting for it....' fucking hell, can anything else go wrong today? i try and explain the situation, i'm in the race paddock at mallory park,, there's race bikes starting up all around me, i can only make out fractions of the conversation by standing in the back of the van, finger in ear, trying to filter out the cacophony of the bikes, there's no-way we are going to be out of here before 1900hr's at least, someone's made a major fuck-up here, the bloke on the end of the phone leaves me with the kick in the gonad's i need at this time, 'you know you haven't got any insurance on the van after 1200hr's today don't you? after that you are driving illegally' fuck, fuck fuckking fuck, my blood pressure increases to dangerous levels, sweary mick chip's in 'are we having a brew or what youth? i'm as dry as a nun's...' you know, it's times like this when i really should be accepting old age gracefully, i don't need this shit, fucking motorcycles, i'm going to take up gardening or fishing or watercolour painting, something more relaxing, anything but fucking motorbikes.................


  1. Fucking hell Tim you had a right fuck up of a weekend I never made it to the festival it was a messy affair of crap bikes and too much black jack not a good mix but one I'm used to. Keep your chin up mate at least you got there better than I managed this year

  2. cheer's steve, ain't that the truth, next year mate, kettles alway's on, got biscuits, what you saying?.....

  3. Oh fucking dear. Sounds like a band story Lovey, journalism, now there's a stress free 'hobby' for you . . . bring on the next chapter please. XX

  4. Tim its time for a motorcycle free weekend don.t even open the shed door,mow the lawn weed the flower beds drink bad wine chat with the wife exorcise the demon bikes for a few days,,,

  5. Wow, the emotional rollercoaster that is the Loveless blog!!
    What happens next?
    Stay tuned..........