another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 6 June 2013

tt races

life just get's in the way sometimes, the daily drudge, up early, shift, chores, dog walking, you know how that goes, one week a year i tend to get totally focused, a little island in the irish sea see's the world's best road racer's converge for the best racing in the world, ever, forget the 'moto-gp' superstar's, the world superbike luvvie's and all that other old malarkey, the racer's who ride at the island have bigger bollock's than the rest of them put together, real road's, no run-off's or gravel trap's here, just a certain, hard, horrible death or a lifetime of pain  if you mis-judge a corner, but, in this 'health and safety' 'risk-assessment' and nanny state world we live in, i consider it a blessing, i weep everytime a racer loses his life in pursuit of riding the road's, but, that's their descision, these boy's and girl's are special people, they are focused on their goal and that's it, micheal dunlop is a very special rider, four win's in a week at the tt?, fucking amazing.........


  1. Hear, hear Lovemeister, knowing that your fall at 100mph+ is about to be broken by the corner of a house or a soft, welcoming four hundred year old rock wall must be of great comfort and assurance. Real men ride roads . . . at two hundred MPH !!!

  2. Connor Cummins; after seeing his crash over and over I'm amazed he wants to/ can race again, all the TT racers are cut from a different cloth. D.A.B., the lot of them. They said on the tv that Michael Dunlop lost 3 stone, before this TT, that's a helluva weight saving, and I think a major factor in his success this year, (i.e. a 3 stone improvement in the power to weight ratio).