another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 1 June 2013

the usual suspects

the first of june, [only twenty days until the summer solstice and the turning point of the year, the nights will slowly start to draw in after that] got a visit of a few old friends today, butler, marshy and barse, let me tell you about this crew, we go back years, i 've known marshy over half my life, me and butler? about the same and barseman? well.... they knew i'm without a ride at the present time , so, what else would you do, turn up and take the piss, i'd do exactly the same, not riding with these blokes gives me a chance to sit back and drink in the details, butlers xr1200 race rep sporty, dripping in carbon and vance and hines race goodness, marshy's '72' sporty, roland sands bits and bobs and gold nitrated fork-legs oozing love,and barses venerable, as old as the hill's shovelhead, this year squeezed into the rigid frame and rocking a twenty-one inch super skinny front wheel, hard as nails and just, well, organic, three different harley's and just brilliant in their own way, total attitude, something you just can't buy, jealous?, no not me squire, i've got  to chop a couple of tree's down in the garden, far too busy to be fucking about on motorcycles........


  1. Great to be back mucker, already went back to catch up and I ran into the spineless blurt from the little smart mouth cocksmoker, fair got my dander up and left a mouthful if only to calm myself down. Jeez I love the Barsemobile . . . and you, ya big bald sex toy !!! XXX

  2. ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding, representin' the convict colony of 'stralia, MR DOG WILLIAMS, aka WHITELINEPSYCHO, good to have you back on board you dingo-baitin' foster's swillin, koala fiddlin' big hunk of needle-cord wearin, cork's-on-a-hat, 'strewth sayin' ned kelly look-a-likey, [tell me again why you can't play football out there? why do you insist on picking the ball up and running with it you egg chasing bastard's?] well, all bases covered there i guess, i was hoping to visit oz next year but i guess my visa might get knocked back now as i've insulted the whole of the 'stralian folk, [good thing is, they don't realise i'm doing it] love you mate!