another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 9 June 2013

stormtroopers in sta prest

two wheels, internal combustion engine, while most people wouldn't admit it, scooter's and bikes are really cut from the same mould, scooter boys and bikers are as passionate about their chosen mode of transport, spending time in the shed and countless thousands of pounds modifying their machines, like i've said before, i've got a foot in both camp's, my background is traditional football hooligan/suedehead/soulboy/punk rocker/working class scumbag but, i like bikes too, i guess in the end it just comes down to attitude, a thing sadly lacking in today's world, but, this here scooterboy has in bucket loads, whatever happened to youth culture? the mods and rockers, the skins, the punks, the rude boys and ted's, the greasers, casuals, ravers and new romantics? all gone, you can live it through twitter, face book, blogger and all the other social media, hiding behind a keyboard, pretending you were there, but really? admit it, you weren't,  never knowing the thrill of running with a crew, the camaderie and spirit, all gone, you just google it now and you can 'experience' it, not, you'll never know the feeling, so scared you could soil yourself, so cold and wet from riding hundred's of miles totally ill-equipped in jeans and an m1a jacket, a cheap tent that blows down, the feeling of invading a sea-side town on a bank holiday weekend, the thrill of finding a rare soul sound in a second-hand shop, that smile from a girl on the dancefloor at four in the morning dancing to willie mitchell, that feeling as the warmth creeps into your aching, dead, white finger's, sitting in a pub, a hundred miles from home, singing terrace song's, the blisters on your heel's from breaking in a new pair of doc's, the smell of two-stroke, cannabis, beer and ox-blood polish and the feeling when you get home and soak in the bath after a rally, fucking priceless......


  1. Encapsulated everything beautifully brotherman, set the record straight, make the call . . . tell no lies about your past children, lest the Ghost of Mr Johnson drag your sorry, researched, third person, twice removed arse down to the Crossroads and deliver you a sound kickin. Ey up Lovey, all we can do is write it as we lived it.

  2. Well said. These kids live virtually. I work in residental areas all summer and rarely see a kid outside the house. They're all indoors with their faces attached to screens.
    I'm with you, two wheels and a motor, it's all good.

  3. thank you gentlemen, i knew it would strike a chord with someone, glad to know it's not just me, what's wrong with fucking up?, hurting yourself, getting cold and wet, feeling as miserable as sin or laughing until the tear's roll down your face and your insides ache? seeing your blood and feeling the sting? for the kid's, sitting playing games or social networking? well, it's life jim, but not as we know it....

  4. Hi
    top blog....strikes a chord and usually makes me chuckle.

    I believe the young man in the picture went on to bigger (not necessarily better) things....
    some sort of pop star...Ian ? ah yes..Brown..
    Not to be confused with his half brother Cain Dingle in Emmerdale....

    Keep up the good work.

  5. cheer's steve, glad you are entertained! is that true about the geezer in the pic being ian brown? didn't know that, i can remember seeing it year's ago in a book i had about scooterboy's, i've searched high and low for it in my collection but vaguely remember someone 'borrowing' it, any idea's? please feel free to chip in with comments anytime, tim